Autumn In My Heart Part 3

“Na Yoonie, do you like Jaejoong?” ask Junsu.
“YA! I’m not sure yet,” reply Na Yoon.
“Owh, okay then,” said Junsu.
“Let’s go in and start cooking for lunch,” said Na Yoon happily.
“Didn’t wait for your family?” ask Yoochun.
“Mom said maybe they come back late and mom said i can have lunch,” Na Yoon answer while scratch her head.
“Jaejoong hyung and Na Yoon will cook,” said Junsu.
“Not bad,” reply Yoochun.
Junsu and Yoochun just smirking while Jaejoong and Na Yoon keep quiet and mumble on their own mind. They start cooking…
“Na Yoonie, you cutting the vegetable and ingredients,” said Jaejoong while prepare the beef.
Jaejoong amazed by Na Yoon’s speed when cutting all ingredients. And he keep watch her unknown. After finish cutting it, Na Yoon put out all the things needed for barbeque. Finally, it barbeque party is start. Jaejoong busy with beef, Junsu and Yoochun swimming, while Na Yoon just sit at the gazebo near the swimming pools..
“Guys! Lunch is ready!!” Jaejoong shouting.
All of them come to Jaejoong, except Na Yoon still at the gazebo, she fell asleep. Jaejoong come near the gazebo while holding a plate of beef steak for her. After arrive, he see Na Yoon sleeping.
“Aww..she fall asleep. Anyway, she’s cute too,” said Jaejoong.

From far away, at Junsu and Yoochun’s place…
“What are they doing??” ask Yoochun.
“I don’t know. Maybe he want to give the beef steak he make,” answer Junsu.
“But i think she fall asleep when Jaejoong call us,” said Junsu.
“Is he gonna rape her??”
“YA! Impossible! Hyung not bad person,” said Junsu.
“Don’t you think they like each other?” ask Yoochun curiosly.
“What you mean, hyung? That’s impossible,” said Junsu.
“I know you still want with Jaejoong. But Jae hyung not bromance maniac now, he already straight now,” said Yoochun.
“How if we test them?” ask Junsu.
“Test?? How??” ask Yoochun back.
“We just pretend play around pool then we pull Na Yoon to pool but not until Jaejoong see it,” said Junsu with big grin.
“NO!! That’s evil!” protest Yoochun.
“Hyung!! Please,” beg Junsu.
“Okay..just once,” said Yoochun finally.

Na Yoon open her eyes and their distance just a few inches. Nothing can Na Yoon do, she feel her body frozen like ice. Jaejoong just smirking.
“Don’t worry, i won’t do anything to you,” he landed a sweet kiss on her right cheeks.
“M-Mwo??!! What did you do then??” ask Na Yoon.
“I just wanna give you the beef steak,” said Jaejoong.
“Owh, how did you know i like beef steak??” ask Na Yoon again.
“Just random guess,”
Na Yoon just nods mean she understand.
“Hurry up. Eat it before it cold,” said Jaejoong.
“Nae. Gomawo, oppa,” said Na Yoon kiss Jaejoong’s cheek back.
“Owh..i’ll be back,” Jaejoong said then walk away from the gazebo.
“Nae, oppa,”

After Jaejoong arrive at kitchen….
“Ahhh, how can i sleep??” ask Na Yoon to herself.
She stand up and walk around the pool. Suddenly her bracelet fell into the swimming pool.
“Owh, my bracelet!!,” said Na Yoon panickly.
Then she decided to jump inside to find her bracelet, but unluckily, her ankle cramp. She tried to overcome it, but fail..she run out an air…and she can’t move…

Yoochun see it, he called Jaejoong.
“Hyung! Na Yoon jump at swimming pool because her thing fall down to swimming pool, and it’s already 20 minutes and she not yet shown up,” said Yoochun panickly.

~To Be Continued~


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