Autumn In My Heart Part 2

“Mom, what’s wrong??” ask Na Yoon.
“Nothing. I Just want to say we decided go to amusement park near here with all family and we’ll back right away,” Yoona reply.
“Mom, at lunch later, can i go to villa with my friend??” ask Na Yoon again.
“ many is your friend?? But the ingredient still at car”
“Just three. We can buy at nearest supermarket,” said Na Yoon.
“Okay then, sweety,” said Yoona.
Yoona hung up the call. And Na Yoon look at Yoochun.
“Why??” ask Yoochun.
“They go to amusement park and take the ingredient too,” said Na Yoon.
“Don’t worry, we can buy it. But we must take them too,” said Yoochun.
“Okay then,”

Na Yoon follow Yoochun to JYJ villa. They arrive and the two seeing Yoochun with weird face..
“Hyung, we just arrive here. Already find girl???” ask Junsu.
“No, we just unaccidently meet at beach,” said Yoochun.
“Annyeong, oppa. I’m Na Yoon, Kim Na Yoon. Nice to meet you all,”
“Annyeong,” said Junsu while waving to Na Yoon.
But Jaejoong didn’t give any response and just heading to his room.
“Huh, what’s wrong with him??” Junsu mumbled.
“He will get out from his room if we say about barbeque party,” Yoochun whisper to Na Yoon and Junsu.
“Really?? Then we should go to nearest shop to buy the beef, vegetable and ingredient,” said Na Yoon.
“Of course, then we will do barbeque party at Na Yoon’s villa,” said Yoochun.
“Let’s go!” Junsu shouting.
Jaejoong show up..
“Barbeque Party?? Can i join??” ask Jaejoong.
“Of course,” Na Yoon reply happily.

They finally go to shop and buy all stuff while Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu busy with their disguising stuff. After that, they finish shopping. But Na Yoon run back to shop to buy something.
30 minutes later, she back with a plastic bag full of soju, soda beverage, mineral water.
They heading back to villa Yoochun driving and Junsu sit beside him, while Jaejoong and Na Yoon at backseat.
“Na Yoon~a, your villa beside our villa. That big and luxury villa??” ask Junsu.
“Nae..that’s my family villa,” Na Yoon replied.
Suddenly Jaejoong and Na Yoon who sit at back just quiet and finally Na Yoon break up by give Jaejoong a bottle of water. And Jaejoong awkwardly accept it.
“Don’t worry, i didn’t put poison on the water,” Na Yoon said while smiling.
“Thank you,” said Jaejoong.
Na Yoon take one soda beverage and drinks it. And Jaejoong just look at her. Their eyes meet and Na Yoon blushing shy.
“Just look at their both,” whisper Yoochun to Junsu.
“Oppa, what’s wrong?” ask Na Yoon to Jaejoong.
“Nothing,” Jaejoong said with his killer smile.
Na Yoon just quiet while her face gone red. Finally, they arrive at Na Yoon’s villa.
“Do you like Jaejoong??”

To Be Continued~


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