Autumn In My Heart Part 1

my first fanfic…enjoy^^

“Na Yoon, do you remember what day is today??” ask her mom Yoona.
“ more minute, mom,” said Na Yoon lazily.

“All right. Just one more minute. After that you must take bath get prepared for family ocassion,” said Yoona then leave.
Yonna leave her daughter room after waking up Na Yoon. Today is family ocassion, and everyone still busy with their own activities include Na Yoon’s brother..Kim Junsu. He still relaxing on his bed while listening mp3 on his phone.
“Today, is free day..ahhh, today is family ocassion..,” he mumbled.

“Today all family will gather at father’s luxury villa. I miss that place. And all family will there too,”
Junsu finally get up and heading to bathroom and clean his body. After that they busy packing all their stuff to their own suitcase. Three hours later, they already gather at living room with their own suitcase.
“Yoonie, help mom pack all the things for today meal,” said Yoona from kitchen.

“Yes, mom,” she goes to kitchen.

Finally, all set. They put all the stuff in the car trunk. They ready to go, Junsu driving the car while Na Yoon and mother sit at back seat. 2 hours later, the arrive in a big and luxury villa surround by beach view and all family members already gather in there. They just get the suitcase out from the trunk and heading to their own room.
“Mom, im out!!” said Na Yoon.

“Okay, but you must back before lunch time,” say Yoona.

Na Yoon take a walk at beach, she still amazed by beach view arround there. And unaccidently she bump at a tall guy until they both fall.
“Ouch,” that man groaned.

“Oops, sorry. Are you okay?” Na Yoon ask.
That young man just smile seeing Na Yoon.
“It’s okay,” he reply it.
Na Yoon help him to stand. That man is tall, he cut his hair shorts, slant-eye, handsome and his age like around 20’s and he wears casual attire with sunglasses and hat. They decided to walk together.
“Are you really okay??” ask Na Yoon again.

He just nod. Na Yoon look around his face.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Na Yoon, Kim Na Yoon. How about you??”
“I’ll tell my name. But you can’t freak out,” he said.
“Wae??” ask Na Yoon.
“Hummm..beside no one is here just we here,”
“You’re right,” he said while taking off his sunglasses then look at Na Yoon.

“Oh my, Park Yoochun?? JYJ??” ask Na Yoon.

“Yes. I just take walk because im bored. I’m stay at villa too,” he said.

“Me too. And that’s my family villa,” Na Yoon said while point to her family villa.
“It’s yours???” ask Yoochun.

“It means we are neighbour. Jaejoong and Junsu were cleaning up. You can visit us if you want,” said Yoochun.
“Really??” ask Na Yoon.
Yoochun just nod and smirk. Suddenly, Na Yoon’s handphone ring.


To Be Continued~


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